Making Peace
is up to you

Making Peace is a major public (indoor/outdoor) event that aims to teach the public, especially young people what key elements are necessary to create a 'sustainable peace'; providing an opportunity for people of all ages to get involved in bringing about positive change.

Activities include a large outdoor photographic exhibition curated by Ashley Woods and produced by the International Peace Bureau (IPB), that pays tribute to the people who — all over the planet — devote their time, energy and resources to the cause of peace.

Making Peace was first presented in Geneva, Switzerland to mark the centenary of the IPB's Nobel Peace Prize in 1910.

“Peace is the only battle worth waging.”

– Albert Camus,
author, journalist and playwright

Making Peace is a major outdoor exhibit presenting over a century of photography, that aims to educate the public, especially young people, about which five key elements are necessary to build a 'sustainable peace'.

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